The Clean Creative

healthy eating can still be awesome


I’m one of those people with food sensitivities. I can’t have wheat or white flour, pasteurized dairy, soy, white sugar, food dyes, white potatoes, corn syrup, nitrates, nitrites, or pretty much anything that’s been processed. (That’s the abbreviated list.) On top of that, I’ve got Hashimoto’s Disease (and I’m down to a half a thyroid), as well as other suspicious blood work that points to more autoimmunity. If I eat the wrong food, the autoimmune system has a fit!

When someone invites me out to dinner, I actually get nervous because I don’t know what I’ll be able to eat!

It was frustrating at first, but eventually I learned that eating a “clean” diet not only made me feel so much better, but it’s not as bad as it sounds! I love coming up with new creations in the kitchen that not only work for my dietary restrictions, but taste awesome as well.

On top of that, I love doing culinary photography and I love writing. If this takes off, I may end up moving this blog to a new domain, and I’ll design my own website! (I’m a web designer, so templates frustrate me.)

I’m not on any particular diet, such as the Raw Food Diet or Paleo Diet, nor am I a food purist. I just want to be able to eat without having a reaction to what I’m consuming. I hope you can find the same joy that I do in preparing awesome culinary creations that are pleasing to both your taste buds and your system as a whole!


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