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Strawberry Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

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yogurt6All right…here we go – TAKE TWO on the food blog! (Yikes!) For those of you who don’t know, I had to change the name of my blog the day after it was launched. In retrospect, I like “The Clean Creative” much better than the original name I had picked out!

Now…back to making food!

I wanted to start out with something exciting and chocolatey, but I decided to make this frozen yogurt instead. Honestly, it was quick, and I could make it and photograph the process before work. This one works particularly well for those of you who have a Vitamix. (Don’t worry…even though I’m completely obsessed with my Vitamix, there will be plenty of recipes on here where owning one of these glorious machines will not be necessary.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 6 oz. individual cup of SO Delicious plain coconut yogurt
1/2 frozen banana
1 c. frozen strawberries and raspberries (the total of the two fruits should equal 1 cup)

My intention was to have a completely sugar-free, dairy-free dessert. I use SO Delicious plain coconut yogurt because it’s the ONLY dairy-free yogurt out there, and coconut milk products seem to work well for me. Upon starting my creation, I pulled the lid off of my yogurt container, licked it clean (you know you do it too), and thought, “WOW – that’s REALLY sweet for plain yogurt!” Then I read the ingredient label: it’s sweetened with evaporated cane juice!

SO Delicious, I’m SO disappointed…

Even though it has cane juice in it, I’m not letting it stop me from making frozen yogurt!

Anyway, I digress…

The making of this deliciousness is quite simple. Put the yogurt in your Vitamix first, followed by the frozen fruit. Isn’t it pretty?


You’re going to need your tamper for this! (As always, be sure to do this with the lid on, or you’ll decorate your ceiling and blend your tamper to bits.) Start on Variable 1, and gradually increase the speed to Variable 10. (You WILL get air pockets!) Increase to HIGH, and use your tamper to push the frozen fruit into the blades. (It smells awesome when you’re doing this, by the way. Lots of berry goodness!) The sound of the Vitamix’s motor will change, and you should see four mounds form on top of the frozen yogurt. This is when you know it’s done! (Be sure not to blend it for more than 30 seconds, or it will start to melt!)


Do I lick the tamper when I pull it out? Absolutely. Every time.

This is the first frozen dessert I’ve made in the Vitamix, so I was pretty excited about it! I even flipped the Vitamix container over to see if everything would stay on the bottom, as it should. SUCCESS!


The little chocolate wedge was just to make it pretty. It was from a failed recipe from a week ago, and I thought I’d put the leftover chocolate to good use. And yes, you have to put it in a decorative dessert dish, because presentation is everything!

If you don’t own a Vitamix, you could probably do some sort of modified version of this recipe by allowing your fruit to thaw or by using fresh fruit. Of course, if you do it that way, it will just be yogurt instead of frozen yogurt. I know there are other powerful blenders out there, but since I’ve never used one, I can’t say that I know it would work. If you’ve got a standard household blender, I KNOW it won’t work! I’ve got an Oster that argues with me about everything. (Well…it doesn’t do much arguing anymore. It sits on a shelf now that the Vitamix has moved in!)

I know this one was fairly simple, but I’ll have more fun and exciting posts coming up later! (Hey, I needed to start somewhere!)

I had a few comments on this post from my original blog, so I thought I’d respond here.

Catherine: You had asked about soy yogurt… It works for some people, but I’m not one of ’em! If it works for you, however, that’s awesome. And thanks for letting me know this should work in the Ninja! I’ve never used one, so I wouldn’t know. I assume this would also work well in a Blendtec.

Krista: I’m glad you like my photos! Thanks!


One thought on “Strawberry Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

  1. Yummy! Great dessert! Looking forward to more deliciously healthy awesomeness!
    (have BlendTec, will follow)

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